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Remote-Work / WFH Services

Remote-Work / WFH Services

Over the past three weeks we have helped dozens of our clients move thousands of their users to remote-work/work-from-home (WFH) environments. While usually we at Erickson Solutions Group (ESG) keep our blog focused on non-marketing topics, we have been asked to share a few quick words on the products and services we can implement for clients who are just now moving to WFH, or for non-clients who need help moving to WFH because their current IT providers have not helped them prepare for this new business reality.

Depending on your size and needs, we have 6 options we can mix/match and deploy in a hurry:

  1. We can deploy a cloud-based secure networking clientto give home users the ability to access network shares and apps from home.
  2. We can deploy the LogMeIn suite to allow home users to securely remote into desktops at the office to run their normal apps and access their data while those resources remain safely at the office.
  3. We can deploy an SSL VPN router/firewall to your main office to provide fast, secure remote share/app access and Remote Desktop capabilities to workers at home.
  4. We can drop-ship VPN routers to the homes of executives to allow them to have secure tunnels to their corporate offices without anyone needing to visit their homes.
  5. We can drop-ship VoIP phones to the homes of users to give them a physical phone in addition to the soft-phone (on laptop/desktop) and cellular app capabilities.
  6. We can deploy business continuity/backup solutions to protect all your on-site servers by replicating them to the cloud.

All of the above services are on top of supporting Zoom, Amazon Chime, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and VonageMeetings for chat, video conferences, and webinars. And, a key difference with our approach is that we deploy these solutions with an eye toward long-term sustainability. We understand that the the worldwide response to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic will have long-term impacts on your business and how business in America is conducted from this point forward. As such, we are advocating that your business should look at these WFH investments as the new normal and build them with the support and scale required to outlast this short-term social distancing and exploit the long-term telecommuting reality.

We appreciate that every client situation is different, and will be happy to jump on a planning call with you.. client or non-client.. to review your options and chart a course that allows your team to remain productive during these challenging times. Contact us to request a strategy review!