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Anatomy Of A Phishing Email

Anatomy Of A Phishing Email

Phishing attempts are on the rise.  A phishing e-mail is one that is sent to you in the hopes of getting you to open an attachment or click on a link.  That attachment or link actually infects your system or tries to get you to enter login/password information so it can steal data from you.  More details on phishing can be found here and here.

We have seen these e-mails that pretend to be coming from eFax, UPS, USPS, FedEx, BBB, and even “webmail” or other fake system administrator accounts.

How do you know if a suspect e-mail is possibly a phishing attempt?  The phishing attempt will try to impersonate a legitimate person or company, will include some generic information, and will often make some threat or claim about what will happen if you do not act quickly.  Here are some key elements to check:



Many more examples of phishing e-mails can be found by doing a Google Image search like this.

If you have questions or suspect you are dealing with a phishing e-mail, either contact us to check it or simply delete it!  If the notification is legitimate, the company will try again or use other means to reach you.