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UPDATED - July 11, 2016 with latest Avast and AVG security issues. Google has discovered that AVG Free will weaken your Google Chrome settings and expose personal data to hackers.  Details here. Back in September as we originally reported, AVG announced that it will collect and sell your browser history and data to advertisers (or anyone).  They stated: We collect non-personal data to make money from our free...

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If you are looking to buy a new system, should you buy one with a 32bit operating system or a 64bit operating system? Short answer: 64bit  Long answer: Some years back there existed a heated debate in the technology world about the pros and cons of moving from a 32bit operating system to a 64bit operating system.   At the time, most operating systems were 32bit Windows XP or Windows 7....

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As you roll out Windows 10 in your business, or as you begin to upgrade your home systems to Windows 10, the following are a few steps ESG recommends that will secure the OS and avoid possible performance issues.  This is an evolving list.. designed to target systems that will be used in a production business environment.. we will continue to make updates as new tweaks and fixes are...

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Here is your Erickson Solutions TOP TEN list of ways to improve your technology security both in your personal life and in your business. Need details on any of these or help implementing them? Contact us! Be suspicious of all links and attachments in e-mail.. social engineering and phishing attacks are everywhere.  Don't fall for the fake efax e-mails, UPS delivery failures, or "your account is...

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Recently we have noticed an uptick in concerns from journalists, users, and clients regarding the long-term plans from Microsoft for Windows 10.  Specifically, the fear is that Microsoft is going to begin charging for Windows 10 "subscriptions" much the same way they are actively encouraging/forcing people to do with Office 365.  The logic goes a bit like this: Microsoft is giving "free" upgrades to Windows 10...

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