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As we have posted before, Windows 10 is not for everyone.. at least not now/yet.  There are plenty of business, security, and software concerns to be addressed with Windows 10 before you begin upgrading your business machines.  However, are you getting a daily (or even hourly) annoying pop-up from Microsoft on your work or home system about "Reserve your copy of Windows 10"?  These Microsoft...

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A question we have been getting quite frequently since the release of Windows 10 is: Why is my Internet slower now? The answer we have found for most clients comes down to three issues: Users are 'reserving' their copy of Windows 10 which is generating 2-3GB of downloading per system. Systems that have upgraded to Windows 10 have driver issues, particularly with wireless drivers. Issues related to systems that...

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Erickson Solutions was honored to be a sponsor of the recent Running With The Cows Half Marathon and 5K Run/Walk event in Bucyrus, KS.  The 2015 event (6th annual) is in the books now, having happened on May 9th.  If you have never been, it is something to behold.  Not to mention that the funds go to a great cause. Next up is the October...

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There was a time when most people using Macs believed they were pretty safe from malware and hacking.  And, in fact, using statistics they were much safer than users on Windows PC's.  You may even still hear tech experts (particularly on the Apple side) still citing those statistics and claiming the Macs are far more secure.  Some people will even go to the extreme of...

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A new attack could target your iPhone or other iOS device.. rendering it useless as it reboots in a loop.  The attack is particularly interesting because is can wipe out iPhones and iPads around a compromised wifi access point. For details, check out this article from ZDnet. To avoid falling prey to this new attack, use caution when connecting to new/unknown wifi networks. As they note in the...

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Hackers have been able to exploit a number of flaws in Adobe's Flash tool.  These flaws can be embedded in advertisements that run on popular (but highly insecure) websites like Facebook.  We say these sites are insecure because Facebook makes it revenue from advertising.. they have very little incentive to check the ads for content, as they are more inclined to let virtually all ads...

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