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There was a time when most people using Macs believed they were pretty safe from malware and hacking.  And, in fact, using statistics they were much safer than users on Windows PC's.  You may even still hear tech experts (particularly on the Apple side) still citing those statistics and claiming the Macs are far more secure.  Some people will even go to the extreme of...

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A new attack could target your iPhone or other iOS device.. rendering it useless as it reboots in a loop.  The attack is particularly interesting because is can wipe out iPhones and iPads around a compromised wifi access point. For details, check out this article from ZDnet. To avoid falling prey to this new attack, use caution when connecting to new/unknown wifi networks. As they note in the...

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Hackers have been able to exploit a number of flaws in Adobe's Flash tool.  These flaws can be embedded in advertisements that run on popular (but highly insecure) websites like Facebook.  We say these sites are insecure because Facebook makes it revenue from advertising.. they have very little incentive to check the ads for content, as they are more inclined to let virtually all ads...

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SHA stands for “secure hash algorithm”.  It is an algorithm that is used to generate SSL certificates. SSL Certificates are used by web browsers to verify the authenticity of a webserver. Traditionally most SSL certificates rely on the SHA-1 algorithm for validation. The SHA-1 algorithm was initially introduced 20 years ago and was appropriate for use by computers from that time. Modern computing has advanced to the point where...

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Outlook 2013 is one of the most controversial products inside the Office 2013 / Office 365 product suite.  The interface changes Microsoft made in Outlook has left it awash in bland whiteness and streams of rarely-used ribbon buttons.  The folks over at ComputerWorld have published a helpful guide to getting the most from Outlook 2013. You can check out their article here:  http://www.computerworld.com/article/2472297/desktop-apps/161639-17-ways-to-make-outlook-2013-suck-less.html One of the best...

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