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One question we frequently get asked is if social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are "safe" for workplace use. The answer is a tough one because it depends a great deal on how individual users utilize these services. Consider the following three examples: Sally gets on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn a couple times a day to post updates for your company. Occasionally she also checks...

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Heartbleed is a security flaw in OpenSSL, a widely used data encryption standard, that gives hackers the ability to extract data from inside the stream of communication that would normally be considered secure. The vulnerability was detected by researchers including an analyst for Google.  Specifically the Heartbleed vulnerability is in the machines that power services that handle secure transactions for banking and shopping, as well...

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RTF files.. standing for Rich Text Format.. have been around a long time.  They are an alternative to saving files in the familiar *.doc or *.docx formats.  However, according to a recent warning from Microsoft, *.rtf files are being used to compromise systems when viewed in Outlook or Word. The *.rtf files can use weaknesses in Microsoft Word to allow a hacker to gain access to...

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Update - April 10, 2014: Microsoft and ESG support for Windows XP has now ended.  Please read below to see how this impacts your business and what steps we recommend! Original Post - February 2014: By now you have likely heard from numerous sources including national media, Microsoft, and our ESG Blog that support for Windows XP will be ending April 8, 2014.   How  will...

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The latest trend in spam e-mails is bogus eFax alerts.  These are spoofed from eFax so it is very hard for the spam filtering, Outlook, or free e-mail (AOL, Apple, Gmail) to detect them. The ONLY way to know if an eFax e-mail is safe is to hover over the link (do not click it).  When hovering you will see if the e-mail is legit (uses...

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Some Internet providers have a new offering as part of their package of services.. offering a "free" router/firewall as part of their package.  We will call this a "provided" router/firewall for the sake of this discussion.  The benefits that are often touted in this provided unit include: It will be easier for you, the customer or business owner, to use because it will be managed by...

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