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Bogus eFax Emails Spreading

Bogus eFax Emails Spreading

The latest trend in spam e-mails is bogus eFax alerts.  These are spoofed from eFax so it is very hard for the spam filtering, Outlook, or free e-mail (AOL, Apple, Gmail) to detect them.

The ONLY way to know if an eFax e-mail is safe is to hover over the link (do not click it).  When hovering you will see if the e-mail is legit (uses the efax domain) or bogus (sends you to an incorrect domain like the jorgecross.pl website domain below or anything other than efax).

Delete these fake eFax e-mails without clicking on any of the links.   If you do click on the links, you can expect to be taken to a website hosting malicious code that will try to infect your system with several types of malware or ransomware.  You should shut down your computer promptly and contact us for help.

If you are unsure if an eFax e-mail is real or bogus, please send it our way and we can determine for you!