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Zoom has been a fast-growing tool during the work-from-home (WFH) migration of 2020.  It is a bit of a hero for offering free-for-individuals teleconferencing and meeting capabilities.  And, it is a fairly low-cost (often free depending on meeting size) and a robust way for businesses, schools, and communities to interact with the public.  However, Zoom has a dark side due to security risks, improper settings,...

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It's been almost a year since half of Americans had their sensitive personal information exposed due to the Equifax data breach.   The latest stats in 2018 since that breach: 22 million individuals have become victims of ID theft since the Equifax breach ID theft is America's fastest-growing crime, affecting more people than car theft and home burglaries combined Thieves will wait up to 10 years (or more)...

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Hackers are increasingly targeting Microsoft Office 365 accounts.   And, unfortunately, once your account is compromised it can be difficult to detect and even more difficult to prevent reinfection.  We at ESG have pulled together the following information to help your business understand the risk and respond if you suspect your Office 365 account has been compromised. Why is Office 365 attacked so often and why are...

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Understanding the Risk In the news recently are two new system risks.. Meltdown and Spectre. These impact devices across the IT spectrum.. from Windows to Macs to Linux/Unix.  Even devices such as iPads and other tablets can be at risk.  The two risks exist at the chip/chipset level of the devices and leave them vulnerable to cyber attackers trying to access and exploit sensitive information. Meltdown affects...

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Recently we have seen an uptick in e-mails claiming to be from "Microsoft Outlook", "Microsoft O365", or "Hosted Email" which are fake e-mail queue alerts.  An example of such an e-mail is shown below. These alerts may be difficult to distinguish from real e-mail alerts.  However, there are common warning signs.  For example, if you hover over the "Retrieve" link in one of these e-mails it...

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You already know to watch for FedEx and UPS e-mails.. now they are trying Amazon.. https://blog.knowbe4.com/watch-out-for-this-new-new-amazon-phishing/phone-password-scam  Example of this phishing e-mail below.  Naturally, do not trust phone numbers or links in e-mails like this.  Go to the actual website of the vendor and find their contact info.  When in doubt about a link in an e-mail, hover over the link before clicking! ...

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A new variant of ransomware making the rounds is called Satana.  Focus on the "Satan" part of that.. as the makers clearly intended to draw that connection. Satana encrypts files and drops lots of extra txt/pdf/etc files into folders to tell you that your files are not accessible unless you pay a ransom.  Satana then encrypts the Master Boot Record (MBR) and replaces it with its own....

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UPDATED - July 11, 2016 with latest Avast and AVG security issues. Google has discovered that AVG Free will weaken your Google Chrome settings and expose personal data to hackers.  Details here. Back in September as we originally reported, AVG announced that it will collect and sell your browser history and data to advertisers (or anyone).  They stated: We collect non-personal data to make money from our free...

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