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Understanding the Risk In the news recently are two new system risks.. Meltdown and Spectre. These impact devices across the IT spectrum.. from Windows to Macs to Linux/Unix.  Even devices such as iPads and other tablets can be at risk.  The two risks exist at the chip/chipset level of the devices and leave them vulnerable to cyber attackers trying to access and exploit sensitive information. Meltdown affects...

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There was a time when most people using Macs believed they were pretty safe from malware and hacking.  And, in fact, using statistics they were much safer than users on Windows PC's.  You may even still hear tech experts (particularly on the Apple side) still citing those statistics and claiming the Macs are far more secure.  Some people will even go to the extreme of...

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Update - April 10, 2014: Microsoft and ESG support for Windows XP has now ended.  Please read below to see how this impacts your business and what steps we recommend! Original Post - February 2014: By now you have likely heard from numerous sources including national media, Microsoft, and our ESG Blog that support for Windows XP will be ending April 8, 2014.   How  will...

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Some Internet providers have a new offering as part of their package of services.. offering a "free" router/firewall as part of their package.  We will call this a "provided" router/firewall for the sake of this discussion.  The benefits that are often touted in this provided unit include: It will be easier for you, the customer or business owner, to use because it will be managed by...

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