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Disabling Or Postponing The Windows 10 Notifications

Disabling Or Postponing The Windows 10 Notifications

As we have posted before, Windows 10 is not for everyone.. at least not now/yet.  There are plenty of business, security, and software concerns to be addressed with Windows 10 before you begin upgrading your business machines.  However, are you getting a daily (or even hourly) annoying pop-up from Microsoft on your work or home system about “Reserve your copy of Windows 10″?  These Microsoft ads are both intrusive and unnecessary.  Let’s disable them, shall we?

[callout style=”red” title=”WARNING” centertitle=”true” align=”center”]The following process is for use by advanced users, your ESG engineer, or your on-site IT team. If you are not 100% comfortable with using tools like regedit, do not proceed. You must be a local admin on your system in order to follow these steps. ESG recommends trying on a home system first if you need the practice.[/callout]

Blocking Windows 10 Update Notification Via Registry

You can block the ads/pop-ups/icon from showing and disable notifications.  This can be easily done now using the following process, and undone when you are ready to get your ‘free’ Windows 10 upgrade downloaded.

  1. Using the Windows registry editor (regedit at the run line), navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Gwx
  2. If the Windows and Gwx do not exist, create them as Keys
  3. Create a new REG_DWORD registry value called: DisableGwx
  4. Give it a value of: 1
  5. Reboot!

That is it.. no more pesky Windows 10 reminders.  When you are ready to enable them again, just edit that 1 to be a 0 and reboot again.