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Every Budget Is A Technology Budget

Every Budget Is A Technology Budget

If you have sat down with us recently for your client review/strategy session, you might have heard us say “every budget is a technology budget.”

The meaning of that is to say that technology plays a role in every aspect of a modern business.  The days of having a little pile of money set aside for “technology” are over.  Your business likely cannot implement a new, more efficient process of any type without some purchase of new technology.

In our experience with small business clients, we are seeing a typical project involve upwards of 30% of the budget for some aspect of technology enhancement.  Because we help our clients with technology management you might think that this is somehow skewing our stats.  But these projects run the gamut from order handling systems to office remodels.

As you begin your project rollout for 2014 we encourage you to think about every project as having an IT component.  Getting ESG involved early in the planning will help you avoid unexpectedly costly IT-integrations down the line!