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How To Send Us Email Headers

How To Send Us Email Headers

E-mails that you receive have hidden information included with them that tells the story of how they arrived in your Inbox. This information can be very useful to us. For example, we might ask you to send us the e-mail headers of an e-mail when we need to determine how an e-mail got past the spam filtering or why a particular e-mail was delayed in getting to you.

To get the e-mail header information from an e-mail in Outlook 2010 or 2013:

  1. Open the e-mail in question
  2. Go to File, Info, and Properties
  3. A new dialog box should open.. toward the bottom of this box it will say Internet Headers and have a lot of text inside a little box
  4. Highlight everything inside in the Internet Headers box, hit Ctrl-C to copy
  5. Close the dialog box
  6. Hit Forward to forward the e-mail in question to us (typically we will have you send this to ticket@esgticket.com)
  7. In the message area above the original e-mail, press Ctrl-V to paste the Internet Headers
  8. Hit Send to send us the information!