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Identity Theft Trends

Identity Theft Trends

It’s been almost a year since half of Americans had their sensitive personal information exposed due to the Equifax data breach.  

The latest stats in 2018 since that breach:

  • 22 million individuals have become victims of ID theft since the Equifax breach
  • ID theft is America’s fastest-growing crime, affecting more people than car theft and home burglaries combined
  • Thieves will wait up to 10 years (or more) to use stolen data, since your personal informaton never changes

You are nine times more likely to become a victim of ID theft if your information has been exposed in a data breach

While any “free” protection from Equifax might be expiring soon, ESG recommends two things:

  1. Do not subscribe to a service with Equifax and do not allow them to renew the protection.  These are the folks that could not even secure their own data, do not pay them to try to protect yours!
  2. Seek out strong identity theft protection and support.  Talk with LifeLock or the company we at ESG recommend, Zander ID Theft Solutions.