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iPhones Can Be Crashed Via New Wireless Hack

iPhones Can Be Crashed Via New Wireless Hack

A new attack could target your iPhone or other iOS device.. rendering it useless as it reboots in a loop.  The attack is particularly interesting because is can wipe out iPhones and iPads around a compromised wifi access point.

For details, check out this article from ZDnet.

To avoid falling prey to this new attack, use caution when connecting to new/unknown wifi networks.

As they note in the article, “Again, the exploit is an unlikely circumstance. And my immediate thought for if this were to happen would be to get my device out of range from the Wi-Fi router; ideally, that would cause the DoS attack to cease. This also reinforces the common sense notion to connect only to known Wi-Fi networks, no matter what phone, tablet or computer you use.”