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Next Windows Up: Windows 10

Next Windows Up: Windows 10

As our clients know, we at ESG have not been fans of Windows 8.  User acceptance of the OS has been luck-warm at best, software issues have plagued the OS since the start, and the learning curve required for the ‘metro’ interface was not justified in efficiency enhancement.  Microsoft appears to be feeling the same to such a degree that the stigma of Windows 8 has even caused its successor Windows 9 to be stillborn.  Microsoft will jump right to ‘Windows 10’ as the new OS.

Officially Microsoft has made this naming skip because they want to signify what a giant leap forward Windows 10 will be.  Unofficially, our contacts inside Microsoft and in the press suggest the naming skip is happening because:

  • Microsoft is concerned about the legacy of Windows 8 and wanted to change the discussion.
  • Apple is already on OS X (10) and soon will be on 11.. which would have meant a bad visual for Microsoft if they were just reaching OS 9.
  • Windows 10 is rumored to be the last, best desktop OS.  As scary as this sounds, Microsoft seems to believe that the desktop OS world will cease to exist in the next five years so it wants to release the ‘final’ crowning OS.  The validity of their theory is a subject for another whole post from us in the future.

Regardless of the reason for the naming skip.. the forthcoming Windows 10 aims to fix the many ills of Windows 8.  ESG has been testing Windows 10 already and can confirm that this finally looks like a worthy successor to Windows XP and Windows 7.  More details will come on our site here as additional features are incorporated into the beta and preview releases.

Details from the Microsoft website: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview

An early review of the feature changes from CNET: http://www.cnet.com/products/microsoft-windows-10/