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Reviews On Windows 8

Reviews On Windows 8

As we have mentioned in our previous postings about Windows 8, we do not recommend it for business use at this time.  It is a fine operating system for home systems (assuming you have a touchscreen monitor) and for tablets, but it is pretty lackluster for business productivity.

Along those lines, there have been a number of recent reviews that agree with our take.  In preparation for the Windows 8 launch tomorrow here are a couple quotes from articles on the subject.

If, for example you want (for some reason) to change the date on your computer, you won’t be able to do it in the big Modern UI tiles. You’ll have to take the fireman’s pole down to Windows 7. And there it’s all suddenly … the same again. It’s like Bobby stepping out of the shower in Dallas. Or, to put it another way, it’s like you’re in HG Wells’s Time Machine, and have come away from the happy Eloi above, in their big-tiled world, and discovered the Morlocks labouring away beneath.

Charles Arthur in the Guardian

You can easily imagine how Microsoft got here. “PC sales have slowed,” some executive must have said. “This is a new age of touch screens! We need a fresh approach, a new Windows. Something bold, fluid and finger-friendly.”

“Well, hold on,” someone must have countered. “We can’t forget the 600 million regular mouse-driven PCs. We also need to update Windows 7 for them!”

And then things went terribly wrong.

“Hey, I know!” somebody piped in. “Let’s combine those two Windows versions into one. One OS for all machines. Everybody’s happy!”


David Pogue in the New York Times