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Security And Backup As A Cost Of Business

Security And Backup As A Cost Of Business

As a small business owner you have probably heard horror stories about the risks of not having good security or good backups.  According to a recent Symantec-funded study, those risks are real and cost the average ill-prepared small business $126,000 per year.  But it is still easy to put security and backups waaaay down the priority list.  You have desktops to replace.  Maybe your website needs updating.  And your own laptop is so big and heavy it doubles as a storm shelter.

At ESG we advise our clients on trends and best practices.  When the subject turns to security, we see a surprising number of eyes gloss over.  Excuses range from “we bought a new router a couple years ago” to “all that anti-malware stuff slows down our systems”.  And when we get into the nuts and bolts of backup options, we hear from a fair percentage of clients that they just do not have the budget to pursue a complete backup strategy.  Yet in real dollars-and-cents, the average small business with 15 employees can secure their environment for around $1,500 per year with our ESG solutions and hardware.  And that same small business assuming it has one file/print server can back it up and backup those 15 machines for around $1,800 per year with our ESG services.  Those costs have actually trended DOWN in recent years while the risks of not having them in place have trended UP.

As you consider the operating costs of your small business, our advice is to factor security and backup tools into your plans as simply a cost of doing business.  Our recommended solutions include:

  • Symantec.cloud for anti-virus and anti-malware including endpoint protection
  • Internet protection that includes DNS filtering along with modern router/firewall devices that protect against threats and block access to compromised websites
  • ESG Layered Backup for local and cloud-based backup of data and entire servers
  • ESG Hosted Exchange 2013 for secure, reliable e-mail that includes built-in backups