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Security Concerns with Scanners and Copiers..

Security Concerns with Scanners and Copiers..

We are getting the word out to our clients about this investigative report which aired on CBS within the past few weeks.  It details the latest concern in digital privacy.. scanners and copiers.  As the video shows, most modern copiers like those you may have in your business have harddrives in them.  The scanner industry has not done a good job to secure the data in these devices, nor have leasing companies done a good job to protect their customers by destroying data on returned machines.  The result is a gaping hole in security and privacy as data from these devices can easily fall into the wrong hands.


While we at ESG do not deal with leased scanners or copiers, we feel it is important to share security risks like this with our clients whenever we come across them.  Our recommendation for clients and non-clients alike:  As your scanners and copiers are refreshed in coming years, confirm with your provider that they are clearing the drives and giving you verification of that fact.  Worst-case the data drive should be removed before the scanner or copier leaves your premises.  It is important to note that this only impacts the large stand-alone scanners and copiers, not the common inkjet/laser printers.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance!