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Security Flaws Are Not Just For Windows PC’s Anymore

Security Flaws Are Not Just For Windows PC’s Anymore

There was a time when most people using Macs believed they were pretty safe from malware and hacking.  And, in fact, using statistics they were much safer than users on Windows PC’s.  You may even still hear tech experts (particularly on the Apple side) still citing those statistics and claiming the Macs are far more secure.  Some people will even go to the extreme of saying you do not need anti-virus on Macs.

Let us be clear on where Erickson Solutions stands on this:  hogwash.

Macs have bugs and security holes just like Windows PC’s (and Android phones and iOS devices).  Macs also have been gaining in attacks by hackers because there are now more Macs out there that are worth attacking.  Plus, Apple has been very late to the party in terms of patching the serious holes that do exist.

For proof, check out just these recent news events for outside websites:

OS X security flaw only fixed in Yosemite

Apple patch fails to fix vulnerability

Security ‘tools’ on Macs are trivial to bypass

And those articles are just from the past two weeks.  Trends have been developing over the past 18 months that suggest Macs are being attacked at much higher rates than ever previously seen.

Erickson Solutions recommends that Macs be treated just like all other devices for security.  The require anti-virus and anti-malware protection.  They require a robust network firewall or router, ideally one with traffic filtering.  And, they require strong passwords and limited admin access during day-to-day use.

Are you concerned about your Mac systems?  Contact us today to have a review of what you are currently doing and what you should be doing to protect them.