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Hackers are increasingly targeting Microsoft Office 365 accounts.   And, unfortunately, once your account is compromised it can be difficult to detect and even more difficult to prevent reinfection.  We at ESG have pulled together the following information to help your business understand the risk and respond if you suspect your Office 365 account has been compromised. Why is Office 365 attacked so often and why are...

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UPDATED - July 11, 2016 with latest Avast and AVG security issues. Google has discovered that AVG Free will weaken your Google Chrome settings and expose personal data to hackers.  Details here. Back in September as we originally reported, AVG announced that it will collect and sell your browser history and data to advertisers (or anyone).  They stated: We collect non-personal data to make money from our free...

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As a small business owner you have probably heard horror stories about the risks of not having good security or good backups.  According to a recent Symantec-funded study, those risks are real and cost the average ill-prepared small business $126,000 per year.  But it is still easy to put security and backups waaaay down the priority list.  You have desktops to replace.  Maybe your website...

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A recent study has found that search results from Microsoft's Bing lead to malware-infected sites at a rate five times higher than searches done on Google.  Put another way, if you use Google for searching the web you are five times less likely to run into a malware-infected site compared to using Bing. Microsoft, of course, has disputed the results of the study. ESG recommends using Google...

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