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Outlook 2013 is one of the most controversial products inside the Office 2013 / Office 365 product suite.  The interface changes Microsoft made in Outlook has left it awash in bland whiteness and streams of rarely-used ribbon buttons.  The folks over at ComputerWorld have published a helpful guide to getting the most from Outlook 2013. You can check out their article here:  http://www.computerworld.com/article/2472297/desktop-apps/161639-17-ways-to-make-outlook-2013-suck-less.html One of the best...

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E-mails that you receive have hidden information included with them that tells the story of how they arrived in your Inbox. This information can be very useful to us. For example, we might ask you to send us the e-mail headers of an e-mail when we need to determine how an e-mail got past the spam filtering or why a particular e-mail was delayed in...

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RTF files.. standing for Rich Text Format.. have been around a long time.  They are an alternative to saving files in the familiar *.doc or *.docx formats.  However, according to a recent warning from Microsoft, *.rtf files are being used to compromise systems when viewed in Outlook or Word. The *.rtf files can use weaknesses in Microsoft Word to allow a hacker to gain access to...

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UPDATE 12/17/2014 - While licensing and other concerns continue to exist on the Office 2013 front, it is becoming more difficult by the day to obtain valid licenses for Office 2010.  As we look to turn the page into 2015, it is unlikely that Office 2010 licenses will be available from anywhere but eBay.  If you have not already contacted us about purchasing Office 2010...

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