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Take control of your desktop icons..

Take control of your desktop icons..

Is your desktop a cluttered mess of icons?  Do you waste time hunting around for the right icon for the document or application you need?  Or maybe you want to organize the desktop environment for you employees to make it easier to find common business tools?

At ESG we have found a nifty tool that solves all of the issues above.. and looks darn good while doing it.  The tool is called “Fences” by developer Stardock.  It is available in Downloads section of our website or from Stardock.com.

With Fences you group your icons (either manually or automatically) into fenced-in areas on your desktop.  Your icons can move around inside those fences, but cannot wander all over the desktop.  The setup of the program is very easy, and gives you a chance to let the program automatically create a number of default fences.. like Applications, Web Links, and Documents.. where it places these types of shortcuts.  Check out the screenshot below for an example of what the concept of fences can do, and how nice the Fences program looks.

Stardock Fences in action on a Vista desktop.

Stardock Fences in action on a Vista desktop.

In testing at ESG, we have found that we save up to a few minutes every hour by having our icons grouped and more easily sorted.  We have created fences for common ESG tools, and for web links that we use all the time.

If your goal is to help your employees stay more organized, consider using Fences to help them standardize their desktop.  We can help you roll out Fences to your company or create a standard fence grouping to push to certain users.  At a minimum, we think it is worth your time to download Fences and try it for yourself.

Fences works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7… both on 32bit and 64bit systems.  It is free for both private and business use, although for business use the Pro version ($19.95) is recommended because of the management features.